Guide to Sports Betting Legal in All 50 States


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As of the latest updates, the landscape of sports betting legality in the United States continues to evolve. With North Carolina and Vermont joining the ranks, a total of 37 states have now legalized sports gambling. Here's a breakdown of where the action stands across the country:

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North Carolina - Sports Betting Legal 

North Carolina recently became the 27th state to permit online sports wagering. Governor Roy Cooper signed House Bill 347 into law, paving the way for online sports betting. However, the launch of online betting is slated for next year, pending the release of regulations by the state's lottery commission.

Vermont - Sports Betting Legal 

On the same day, Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed a bill legalizing online sports betting, making Vermont the 28th state to jump on board with sports wagering.

Ohio - Sports Betting Legal 

The year 2023 has seen significant changes in the gaming landscape. On New Year's Day, Pete Rose, baseball's all-time hits leader, placed the first legal sports wager in Ohio. This development is somewhat ironic, considering Rose's permanent ban from baseball in 1989 due to gambling on games while managing the Cincinnati Reds. In a fitting twist, Rose bet on the Reds to win the 2023 World Series.

With Vermont's recent legalization, sports betting is now legal in a total of 37 states and Washington, D.C. Out of these, 33 states have operational sports betting markets, while four others are in the process of launching their programs. The number of states allowing mobile sports betting has increased to 28, up from 18 in January 2022. Currently, there are 24 states with operational online sports betting markets, while Kentucky, Maine, North Carolina, and Vermont are in the process of launching their respective markets.

The legalization of sports betting has proven beneficial for the states that have embraced it. In 2022, Americans legally wagered a staggering $93.2 billion on sports, representing a 63% increase from the previous year. Sports betting companies raked in $7.5 billion in revenue from these wagers, marking a substantial 73% year-over-year growth.

In terms of revenue, New York leads the way, having launched its mobile sports betting market in the previous year. The state generated $1.4 billion in sports betting revenue in 2022. Illinois follows in second place with $795 million, while New Jersey takes the third spot with $763 million.

As the landscape of sports betting legality continues to change, it's important to stay updated on the regulations in your specific state to ensure compliance with the law. 

In 2022, casinos in the United States, excluding tribal properties, experienced a significant surge in gaming revenue. The total gaming revenue, which includes slots, table games, and sports wagering, reached $60.42 billion, marking a 14% increase from the previous record set in 2021.

According to Casey Clark, a senior vice president at the American Gaming Association (AGA), the expansion, adoption, and maturation of legal sports betting played a crucial role in the industry's record-breaking performance. Since the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, which effectively made sports betting illegal in most states, the legalization of sports wagering has spread rapidly across the country. From only seven states in 2018, the market has grown to encompass 37 states and Washington, D.C. in the span of four years.

Clark predicts that the next 12 months will continue to witness new records as existing state markets mature and new ones are launched. He anticipates legislative action in approximately nine or ten states during this period. However, the process of legalization takes time as bills are introduced, debated, and opposed by various legislators. Thus, while more states are likely to legalize sports betting in the coming years, the significant states of California, Florida, and Texas have yet to do so.

California - Sports Betting Legal 

In California, two competing ballot measures for sports betting were rejected by voters in November 2022, and there has been no notable progress this year. However, the battle to legalize sports betting in the most populous state of the country is expected to continue.

 Florida - Sports Betting Legal 

In Florida, sports betting was legalized in 2021 through a gambling compact between the state and the Seminole Tribe, with the deal projected to bring $2.5 billion in tax revenue over five years. However, a federal judge overturned the agreement, ruling that it violated both the state's constitution and federal Indian gambling law. The Seminole Tribe is currently appealing the ruling, and the state's mobile sports betting market is in a state of uncertainty.

Texas - Sports Betting Legal 

Texas, known for its conservative political landscape, faced a setback in its sports betting legalization efforts. The state legislature, which convenes only every other year, passed a sports betting bill in the House in May. However, the Senate did not bring it up for a vote. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, in a statement issued on Twitter before the end of the legislative session, expressed that there is minimal support for sports wagering in the Republican-controlled Senate. He further stated that lawmakers would not waste time on bills that lack overwhelming GOP support. As a result, the issue will be pushed to 2025 for further consideration.

Minnesota - Sports Betting Legal 

In Minnesota, a bill that aimed to establish a legal sports betting market controlled by Native American tribes failed to pass the Senate last year. However, Representative Zack Stephenson, the bill's sponsor, remains optimistic that it will gain approval in 2023. House Speaker Melissa Hortman, during a May press conference before the end of the legislative session, expressed doubts about the bill's chances, stating that they were likely running out of time. Lawmakers will have the opportunity to revisit the bill in 2024.

Missouri - Sports Betting Legal 

Missouri finds itself surrounded by states that have already legalized sports betting, such as Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas. State House Majority Leader Jonathan Patterson emphasized the importance of passing sports betting legislation due to public demand and the potential revenue it could generate for education. However, the legislative session concluded in May without a sports betting bill reaching Governor Mike Parsons' desk. There is a possibility that a ballot measure could be presented to voters in 2024 to decide on the matter.

While Texas, Minnesota, and Missouri faced obstacles in legalizing sports betting during their respective legislative sessions, they may revisit the issue in the future as public support and revenue considerations continue to influence the conversation.

Where can I find the most up-to-date information on the legality of sports betting in each state?

To find the most up-to-date information on the legality of sports betting in each state, there are several reliable sources you can consult. These sources regularly track and update the status of sports betting legislation and regulations across the United States. Here are a few recommended sources:

  • Official State Gaming Commissions/Authorities

 Each state has its own gaming commission or authority responsible for regulating gambling activities, including sports betting. Visiting the official website of the gaming commission in each state can provide you with accurate and current information on the legality of sports betting, any applicable regulations, and licensing requirements.

  • American Gaming Association (AGA)

The AGA is a national trade association that represents the commercial casino industry. They provide resources and information on sports betting legislation and regulations across the United States. Their website offers updates on the latest developments in each state and can be a valuable resource for understanding the current state of sports betting legality.

  • Legal News and Publications

 Legal news outlets and publications often cover developments in sports betting legislation and provide analysis on the legal landscape in different states. Websites such as Legal Sports Report, ESPN's Chalk, and Gambling Compliance can provide news, articles, and expert insights on the evolving sports betting laws.

  • Sports Betting Information Portals

 Several websites specialize in providing comprehensive information on sports betting laws and regulations. These portals aggregate data from various sources and provide state-by-state guides to sports betting legality. Examples include Legal Sports Betting and Sports Betting Dime.

  • State-specific News Outlets

 Local news outlets in each state can be a valuable source of information on sports betting developments. Newspapers, television stations, and online news platforms often cover local legislative efforts and provide updates on the status of sports betting bills in their respective states.

Remember, while these sources provide reliable information, it's always important to verify the details with official state authorities or consult legal professionals for any legal advice or questions regarding sports betting legality in specific jurisdictions.

Which legal news outlets do you recommend for staying updated on sports betting legislation?

There are several reputable legal news outlets that cover sports betting legislation and provide regular updates on the topic. Here are some recommended sources to stay informed on sports betting legislation:

Legal Sports Report (LSR)

LSR is a widely recognized source for news and analysis on the legal sports betting industry. They cover legislative developments, regulatory updates, and industry trends across the United States. LSR provides in-depth articles, interviews, and reports on sports betting legislation and its impact on various states.

ESPN's Chalk

 ESPN's Chalk section focuses on sports betting news and analysis. They cover a wide range of topics, including sports betting legislation, industry partnerships, and market developments. Chalk provides expert insights, interviews, and feature articles to keep readers updated on the latest news in the sports betting world.

Sports Handle

 Sports Handle is a news and analysis platform that covers sports betting legislation, regulations, and market updates. They provide in-depth articles, state-specific guides, and legal analysis to help readers understand the evolving landscape of sports betting in the United States.

Gambling Compliance

 Gambling Compliance is a leading provider of legal and regulatory information for the gambling industry. They offer comprehensive coverage of sports betting legislation, regulatory developments, and compliance issues. Gambling Compliance's news articles, reports, and analysis provide valuable insights into the legal aspects of sports betting.

Bloomberg Law

 Bloomberg Law covers a broad range of legal topics, including sports betting legislation and regulatory updates. They offer news articles, analysis, and insights from legal experts to help readers understand the legal implications of sports betting developments.


 Law360 is a legal news platform that covers various practice areas, including sports law and gambling. They provide timely news articles, legal analysis, and updates on sports betting legislation and regulatory changes.

It's worth noting that while these news outlets strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it's always advisable to consult official sources or legal professionals for specific legal advice or questions regarding sports betting legislation in a particular jurisdiction.

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