Top 100 Players of the best in baseball



Top 100 Players of the best in baseball

As Opening Day approaches, baseball fans eagerly await the return of superstar players who will captivate us with their incredible performances throughout the MLB season. With that in mind, MLB Network's Top 100 Players Right Now series has ranked the best of the best in baseball, from number 100 all the way to the top spot. Let's take a look at the rankings:

1-Shohei Ohtani, SP/DH, Angels (2022 rank: 1)

Shohei Ohtani's exceptional abilities both on the mound and at the plate make him a force to be reckoned with. For the past two seasons, he has displayed the hitting prowess of Freddie Freeman and the pitching dominance of Carlos Rodón. It's no surprise that Ohtani continues to hold the title of the number one player in baseball for the second consecutive year.

2-Aaron Judge, RF, Yankees (2022 rank: 11)

Aaron Judge made an impressive leap of nine spots in just one year, landing at the second spot on the list of the game's best players. His record-breaking 2022 season, where he set a new American League record with 62 home runs, solidified his enormous value and led to a lucrative contract extension with the Yankees. Fans eagerly await what Judge has in store for his encore performance.

3-Mike Trout, CF, Angels (2022 rank: 2)

Although he was not ranked number one this year, Mike Trout's incredible talent and consistency over the past decade have established him as one of the game's greatest players. Even with some unfortunate injury setbacks in 2022, Trout managed to hit 40 home runs with an impressive .999 OPS and 6.3 bWAR in just 119 games. As he enters his 11th Major League season, Trout continues to be a phenomenal force to be reckoned with.

These rankings provide a glimpse into the elite talent that will grace the baseball diamond in the upcoming season. Fans can look forward to witnessing the extraordinary performances of these top-ranked players and many others who will showcase their skills throughout the year.

4-Mookie Betts, RF, Dodgers (2022 rank: 6)

Mookie Betts continues to prove why he is regarded as one of the premier position players in the game. With an impressive nine-year career, Betts has averaged 8.6 bWAR per 162 games. In the previous season, he led the National League with 117 runs scored, finished fifth in the NL MVP Award voting, and secured his sixth career Gold Glove Award. Betts consistently delivers outstanding performances year after year.

5-Manny Machado, 3B, Padres (2022 rank: 18)

Manny Machado's impact on the Padres' success was evident during the stretch and postseason, where he played a pivotal role in helping the team reach the NL Championship Series. His remarkable performance led to a significant jump of 13 spots in the rankings compared to the previous year. Machado's exceptional play reached new heights in the latter part of the season, hitting .314/.376/.588 with 13 home runs in the final 49 games. His offensive prowess and defensive skills at third base contribute to his status as one of the top players heading into the 2023 season.

As the new season approaches, fans can anticipate witnessing the incredible contributions of Mookie Betts, Manny Machado, and a host of other talented players who will showcase their skills and make significant impacts on their respective teams.

6-Nolan Arenado, 3B, Cardinals (2022 rank: 19)

Nolan Arenado's already impressive resume was further solidified entering the 2022 season. He was a nine-time Gold Glove Award winner, a five-time Platinum Glove Award winner, a six-time All-Star, and had finished in the top 10 in NL MVP Award voting on five occasions. However, he elevated his game even further and had the best all-around season of his career. Arenado achieved career highs in OPS+ (154) and bWAR (7.9). His exceptional performance earned him a jump of 13 spots in the rankings, showcasing his prowess as a superstar third baseman.

7-Paul Goldschmidt, 1B, Cardinals (2022 rank: 27)

Paul Goldschmidt's remarkable season propelled him to a significant leap of 20 spots in the rankings. As the reigning NL MVP, Goldschmidt finally secured the coveted MVP honor after being a finalist in MVP voting on three previous occasions. He follows closely behind his teammate, Nolan Arenado, and together, they formed a formidable duo at the corner-infield positions, making life difficult for opposing batters. Goldschmidt's offensive prowess was on full display as he led the league in slugging percentage (.578), OPS (.982), and OPS+ (180). His outstanding performance at the plate solidifies his status as one of the top players in the game.

The performances of Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt exemplify their exceptional skills and contributions to the Cardinals. Fans can anticipate witnessing their continued excellence and impact as they strive to lead their team to success in the upcoming season.

8-José Ramírez, 3B, Guardians (2022 rank: 15)

José Ramírez, the cornerstone player for the Guardians, continues to showcase his exceptional skills year after year. He signed a seven-year, $141 million contract extension early last year, solidifying his commitment to the team. Ramírez had another impressive season, posting an .869 OPS with an AL-leading 44 doubles, along with 29 home runs and 20 stolen bases. His outstanding performance earned him a fourth-place finish in the AL MVP Award voting, marking the fourth time he has finished in the top five in MVP voting throughout his career. Ramírez's consistent excellence makes him a perennial contender for the elusive MVP Award.

9-Yordan Alvarez, LF/DH, Astros (2022 rank: 46)

Yordan Alvarez's talent and impact were on full display in the 2022 season. Despite already having a career .948 OPS and 61 home runs in 976 plate appearances, Alvarez managed to elevate his game even further. He posted a remarkable 1.019 OPS with 37 home runs in 561 plate appearances, leading to a third-place finish in the AL MVP Award balloting. Alvarez's remarkable improvement catapulted him an incredible 37 spots up the rankings. At just under 26 years old and armed with a World Series ring from the previous fall, Alvarez's potential is sky-high, and it appears he is only scratching the surface of his abilities.

José Ramírez and Yordan Alvarez exemplify the incredible talent and potential within the game of baseball. Fans can look forward to witnessing their continued growth and contributions as they establish themselves as key figures in their respective teams' success.

10-Freddie Freeman, 1B, Dodgers (2022 rank: 9)

Freddie Freeman's slight drop in the rankings from the previous year is not indicative of any regression in his game but rather a reflection of other players having exceptional seasons. Despite a slow start with his new club in 2022, Freeman quickly turned things around and showcased his prowess as a slugging first baseman. After hitting .250 with three extra-base hits in his first eight games, he went on to slash .329/.411/.521 with 44 doubles (leading the Majors with 47) and 21 home runs. Freeman finished in the top five in NL MVP voting for the fourth time, ultimately winning the award in 2020. His consistent performance and offensive contributions make him one of the premier players in the game.

No. 11-No. 20

11-Trea Turner, SS, Phillies (2022 rank: 13)

12-Juan Soto, RF, Padres (2022 rank: 4)

13-Sandy Alcantara, SP, Marlins (2022 rank: 84)

14-Justin Verlander, SP, Mets (2022 rank: 92)

15-Max Scherzer, SP, Mets (2022 rank: 12)

16-Julio Rodríguez, CF, Mariners (2022 rank: not ranked)

17-Bryce Harper, RF, Phillies (2022 rank: 5)

18-Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 1B, Blue Jays (2022 rank: 8)

19-Rafael Devers, 3B, Red Sox (2022 rank: 22)

20-Austin Riley, 3B, Braves (2022 rank: 34)

The rankings from 11 to 20 encompass a range of talented players from various positions. Trea Turner, Juan Soto, and Bryce Harper continue to showcase their skills and impact on the field. Sandy Alcantara's remarkable Cy Young Award-winning campaign led to an impressive jump in the rankings, while veteran pitchers Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer also made significant leaps. Julio Rodríguez's stellar AL Rookie of the Year season earned him a spot on the list. Additionally, players like Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Rafael Devers, and Austin Riley demonstrate their growing prominence in the game.

No. 21-No. 30

As the baseball landscape evolves, these players and others will continue to captivate fans with their exceptional performances, shaping the future of the sport.

21-Francisco Lindor, SS, Mets (2022 rank: 68)

22-Carlos Correa, SS, Twins (2022 rank: 14)

23-Jose Altuve, 2B, Astros (2022 rank: 28)

24-Alex Bregman, 3B, Astros (2022 rank: 29)

25-Ronald Acuña Jr., CF, Braves (2022 rank: 10)

26-Fernando Tatis Jr., RF, Padres (2022 rank: 3)

27-Corbin Burnes, SP, Brewers (2022 rank: 24)

28-Jacob deGrom, SP, Rangers (2022 rank: 7)

29-J.T. Realmuto, C, Phillies (2022 rank: 54)

30-Kyle Tucker, RF, Astros (2022 rank: 30)

In the range from 21 to 30, we have several notable players who are poised to make an impact in the upcoming season. Francisco Lindor, Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, and Alex Bregman continue to be key contributors to their respective teams. Ronald Acuña Jr., despite a shortened season, remains a dynamic center fielder for the Braves. Fernando Tatis Jr.'s performance will be closely watched as he returns from an 80-game suspension, aiming to regain his status as an electric superstar. Pitchers Corbin Burnes and Jacob deGrom are dominant forces on the mound, while J.T. Realmuto and Kyle Tucker also bring their skills to the field.

No. 31-No. 40

31-Pete Alonso, 1B, Mets (2022 rank: 62)

32-Xander Bogaerts, SS, Padres (2022 rank: 23)

33-Corey Seager, SS, Rangers (2022 rank: 21)

34-Bo Bichette, SS, Blue Jays (2022 rank: 32)

35-Zack Wheeler, SP, Phillies (2022 rank: 25)

36-Max Fried, SP, Braves (2022 rank: 48)

37-Gerrit Cole, SP, Yankees (2022 rank: 16)

38-Carlos Rodón, SP, Yankees (2022 rank: not ranked)

39-Dansby Swanson, SS, Cubs (2022 rank: not ranked)

40-José Abreu, 1B, Astros (2022 rank: 45)

Moving into the range from 31 to 40, we see the addition of new names and some players looking to bounce back. Pete Alonso, known for his power hitting, continues to make an impact for the Mets. Xander Bogaerts and Corey Seager, both star shortstops, will be aiming to rise up the rankings after minor drops. Bo Bichette brings his skills to the field as well. Pitchers Zack Wheeler, Max Fried, Gerrit Cole, and Carlos Rodón continue to be forces on the mound. Dansby Swanson, fresh off a career year, joins the Cubs after signing a lucrative contract, while José Abreu remains a reliable contributor for the Astros.

No. 41-No. 50

As the upcoming season unfolds, fans can anticipate these players to showcase their talent and compete at the highest level, adding excitement to the game of baseball.

41-Adley Rutschman, C, Orioles (2022 rank: not ranked)

42-Will Smith, C, Dodgers (2022 rank: 53)

43-Matt Olson, 1B, Braves (2022 rank: 26)

44-Kyle Schwarber, LF, Phillies (2022 rank: 80)

45-Jeff McNeil, 2B, Mets (2022 rank: not ranked)

46-Marcus Semien, 2B, Rangers (2022 rank: 20)

47-Andrés Giménez, 2B, Guardians (2022 rank: not ranked)

48-Byron Buxton, CF, Twins (2022 rank: 39)

49-George Springer, CF, Blue Jays (2022 rank: 33)

50-Julio Urías, SP, Dodgers (2022 rank: 49)

In the range from 41 to 50, we have a mix of players who either make their debut on the list or have seen notable changes in their ranking. Adley Rutschman, a rising star catcher for the Orioles, makes an impressive debut after a strong performance and a runner-up finish in AL Rookie of the Year voting. Will Smith continues to be a reliable catcher for the Dodgers, while Matt Olson brings his power-hitting skills to the Braves. Kyle Schwarber, after a resurgence, finds himself ranked higher this year. Jeff McNeil's exceptional batting average leads to his debut on the list.

Marcus Semien, Andrés Giménez, Byron Buxton, and George Springer bring their skills to the field, with each player having their own strengths and contributions to their respective teams. Julio Urías, a talented pitcher for the Dodgers, maintains his position in the rankings.

No. 51-No. 60

As these players continue to develop and perform, fans can expect exciting moments and impactful performances on the baseball diamond.

51-Edwin Díaz, RP, Mets (2022 rank: not ranked)

52-Emmanuel Clase, RP, Guardians (2022 rank: not ranked)

53-Michael Harris II, CF, Braves (2022 rank: not ranked)

54-Brandon Nimmo, CF, Mets (2022 rank: not ranked)

55-Dylan Cease, SP, White Sox (2022 rank: not ranked)

56-Framber Valdez, SP, Astros (2022 rank: not ranked)

57-Alek Manoah, SP, Blue Jays (2022 rank: not ranked)

58-Wander Franco, SS, Rays (2022 rank: 40)

59-Willy Adames, SS, Brewers (2022 rank: 81)

60-Bryan Reynolds, OF, Pirates (2022 rank: 43)

In the range from 51 to 60, we see a surge of young talent making their debut on the Top 100 list. Edwin Díaz, the Mets' closer, joins the rankings after an impressive season. Emmanuel Clase, known for his blazing fastball, also makes his first appearance after leading the league in saves. Michael Harris II, a promising center fielder for the Braves, showcases his potential as he debuts on the list.

Brandon Nimmo, Dylan Cease, Framber Valdez, and Alek Manoah are up-and-coming players who have caught the attention of baseball enthusiasts. Wander Franco, despite dropping from his previous ranking, has immense potential and will be closely watched as he aims to showcase his skills while staying healthy. Willy Adames continues to be a solid contributor at shortstop for the Brewers, while Bryan Reynolds displays his talent as an outfielder for the Pirates.

No.61-No. 70

The inclusion of these young talents highlights the evolving landscape of the game and the excitement surrounding the future of baseball.

61-Starling Marte, RF, Mets (2022 rank: 41)

62-Randy Arozarena, LF, Rays (2022 rank: 71)

63-Luis Arraez, INF, Marlins (2022 rank: not ranked)

64-Jeremy Peña, SS, Astros (2022 rank: not ranked)

65-Spencer Strider, SP, Braves (2022 rank: not ranked)

66-Steven Kwan, LF, Guardians (2022 rank: not ranked)

67-Luis Castillo, SP, Mariners (2022 rank: not ranked)

68-Shane McClanahan, SP, Rays (2022 rank: not ranked)

69-Zac Gallen, SP, D-backs (2022 rank: not ranked)

70-Nathaniel Lowe, 1B, Rangers (2022 rank: not ranked)

In this section, we have several young stars making their debut on the Top 100 list. Jeremy Peña, a standout shortstop for the Astros, enters the rankings after a tremendous rookie campaign. Spencer Strider, known for his impressive pitching skills, finished as a runner-up in NL Rookie of the Year voting and earns a spot on the list. Steven Kwan, an outfielder for the Guardians, proves to be a spark in Cleveland's lineup as a rookie.

Shane McClanahan, Zac Gallen, and Nathaniel Lowe also enjoyed breakout performances in their respective positions. McClanahan showcased his talent as a left-handed starting pitcher for the Rays, while Gallen did the same for the Diamondbacks. Lowe's strong second half propelled him to a breakout performance as a first baseman for the Rangers.

Moving on to the range from 71 to 80, we see a mix of established players and newcomers. Starling Marte, Randy Arozarena, and Tim Anderson continue to make their presence felt with their skills and contributions. Willson Contreras, the new Cardinals catcher, maintains his high level of play after another All-Star campaign. Tommy Edman, a second baseman for the Cardinals, earns a spot on the list, as does Anthony Rizzo, the veteran first baseman for the Yankees, who consistently puts up impressive numbers.

Aaron Nola, Shane Bieber, and Cristian Javier round out this range, with each pitcher demonstrating their talent and impact on the field. Cedric Mullins, the Orioles' center fielder, drops slightly in the rankings but remains a notable player. Matt Chapman, Brandon Woodruff, and Alex Reyes also contribute their skills and play important roles for their respective teams.

No.71-No. 80

The inclusion of these players highlights the depth and talent present in Major League Baseball, with young stars and established veterans making their mark on the game.

71-Cedric Mullins, CF, Orioles (2022 rank: 44)

72-Tim Anderson, SS, White Sox (2022 rank: 31)

73-Willson Contreras, C, Cardinals (2022 rank: not ranked)

74-Anthony Rizzo, 1B, Yankees (2022 rank: not ranked)

75Matt Chapman, 3B, Blue Jays (2022 rank: 83)

76-Shane Bieber, SP, Guardians (2022 rank: 37)

77-Brandon Woodruff, SP, Brewers (2022 rank: 38)

78-Tommy Edman, 2B, Cardinals (2022 rank: not ranked)

79-Aaron Nola, SP, Phillies (2022 rank: not ranked)

80-Cristian Javier, SP, Astros (2022 rank: not ranked)

Aaron Nola, a key contributor to the Phillies' surprising run to the World Series, secures the No. 79 spot after being unranked in 2022. His performances on the mound played a significant role in his team's success. Cristian Javier, a right-handed pitcher for the Astros, also makes his debut in the rankings after playing a crucial role in Houston's World Series run.

Willson Contreras, the new catcher for the Cardinals, had another All-Star campaign in his final year with the Cubs, earning him a spot on the list. Tommy Edman, the second baseman for the Cardinals, showcases his skills and contributions to the team's success, earning a place in the rankings.

Anthony Rizzo, a veteran first baseman for the Yankees, continues to put up impressive numbers as he enters his age-33 season, securing his spot in the Top 100. Matt Chapman, a third baseman for the Blue Jays, maintains his presence on the list after a strong performance. Shane Bieber, a starting pitcher for the Guardians, showcases his talent on the mound and earns recognition in the rankings. Brandon Woodruff, a starting pitcher for the Brewers, also maintains his spot after another solid season.

Cedric Mullins, a center fielder for the Orioles, drops in the rankings from No. 44 in 2022 to No. 71. Tim Anderson, a shortstop for the White Sox, also drops in the rankings but remains a notable player in the league.


These players, with their performances and contributions, continue to make an impact on the game and solidify their positions among the top players in Major League Baseball.

81-Clayton Kershaw, SP, Dodgers (2022 rank: 93)

82-Devin Williams, RP, Brewers (2022 rank: not ranked)

83-Teoscar Hernández, OF, Mariners (2022 rank: 65)

84-Sean Murphy, C, Braves (2022 rank: not ranked)

85-Daulton Varsho, C/OF, Blue Jays (2022 rank: not ranked)

86-Luis Robert, CF, White Sox (2022 rank: 50)

87-Eloy Jiménez, LF, White Sox (2022 rank: not ranked)

88-Christian Walker, 1B, D-backs (2022 rank: not ranked)

89-Ty France, INF, Mariners (2022 rank: not ranked)

90-Alejandro Kirk, C, Blue Jays (2022 rank: not ranked)

Clayton Kershaw, a legendary pitcher for the Dodgers, makes a significant jump in the rankings, moving up 12 spots to No. 81. Kershaw showcased improved performance in 2022, with a lower ERA and consistent contributions to his team. Devin Williams, a reliever for the Brewers, enters the list after an impressive season, displaying his skills on the mound.

Teoscar Hernández, an outfielder for the Mariners, maintains a strong presence in the rankings, while Sean Murphy, the Braves' catcher, earns a spot after his notable performance. Daulton Varsho, a versatile player for the Blue Jays, also debuts on the list, contributing both as a catcher and outfielder.

Luis Robert and Eloy Jiménez, outfielders for the White Sox, showcase their talent and impact on the game as they solidify their spots in the rankings. Christian Walker, a first baseman for the Diamondbacks, breaks into the top 100 after a breakout year at the plate and winning his first career Gold Glove Award. Ty France, an infielder for the Mariners, also makes his debut in the rankings, contributing to his team's success.

Alejandro Kirk, a catcher for the Blue Jays, closes out this range at No. 90. Kirk had a breakout campaign, displaying power at the plate and contributing significantly to his team's success.


These players, with their performances and contributions, continue to shape the landscape of Major League Baseball and add depth to the talent pool within the sport.

91-Nestor Cortes, SP, Yankees (2022 rank: not ranked)

92-Bobby Witt Jr., SS, Royals (2022 rank: not ranked)

93-Jazz Chisholm Jr., 2B/OF, Marlins (2022 rank: not ranked)

94-Rhys Hoskins, 1B, Phillies (2022 rank: not ranked)

95-Yu Darvish, SP, Padres (2022 rank: not ranked)

96-Joe Musgrove, SP, Padres (2022 rank: not ranked)

97-Logan Webb, SP, Giants (2022 rank: not ranked)

98-Yandy Díaz, INF, Rays (2022 rank: not ranked)

99-Adolis García, OF, Rangers (2022 rank: not ranked)

100-Giancarlo Stanton, OF/DH, Yankees (2022 rank: 61)

This range of the rankings consists mostly of players who did not make the cut in 2022 but have shown impressive performances to secure their spots in the Top 100.

Nestor Cortes, a starting pitcher for the Yankees, was a revelation in 2022, recording a 2.44 ERA in 28 starts. Bobby Witt Jr., a shortstop for the Royals, had a standout rookie season, hitting 20 home runs and stealing 30 bases, which earned him a fourth-place finish in AL Rookie of the Year Award voting.

Jazz Chisholm Jr., a versatile player for the Marlins, faced some injuries during the season but showcased his productivity when on the field, hitting 14 home runs and stealing 12 bases in just 60 games played.

Rhys Hoskins, the first baseman for the Phillies, earns a spot on the list after a strong performance. Yu Darvish, who bounced back from a tough 2021 season, delivered a solid performance with a 3.10 ERA over 194 2/3 innings for the Padres. Joe Musgrove, another Padres pitcher, had a career-best season with a 2.93 ERA in 30 starts.

Logan Webb, a pitcher for the Giants, enters the rankings with an impressive showing on the mound. Yandy Díaz, an infielder for the Rays, contributes with his versatility and skills. Adolis García, an outfielder for the Rangers, makes the list after a notable season.

Closing out this range is Giancarlo Stanton, an outfielder/designated hitter for the Yankees. Stanton was previously ranked at No. 61 in 2022 and secures his spot in the Top 100 with his contributions to the team.

These players have demonstrated their abilities and made significant impacts on their respective teams, earning recognition among the top players in Major League Baseball.

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